Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Real Reason Men Have Children

People have children for all kinds of reasons. 

To have something to love.

To have something that needs you.

For companionship.

For a sense of purpose.

Because society says they are supposed to.

Because their family wants them to.

On purpose.

On accident.

The reasons are as many as there are children in the world. 

I would venture a guess as to one of the main reasons that men have children, and I can guarantee it isn't one that is even on the list for most women.

It has nothing to do with creation. 

Nothing to do with a legacy.

Nothing to do with love and trust.

It has to do with things like this. 

Remote Control Helicopters
And kids give men a perfectly legitimate excuse to play with them.

Men want to have arcade style basketball hoops in their family rooms.  

Men want to ride skateboards and scooters.

Men want to squish play dough through their fingers.

Men want to win video game tournaments.

They want to construct forts.

They want to throw snowballs and water balloons.

Kids give men a reason to do all those things. 

And that is the real reason why men have them.


  1. Ha Ha! I couldn't believe or agree with this more. Excellent. (Poor us)

  2. My husband pouted because I did not buy him that electric helicopter for Christmas...seriously.


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