Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where My Girls At?

You know how I wrote about my husband seeing some of his best friends the last time we were in California and how great it was?  About how I missed so many of the people who I've been close to over the years and hardly ever get to see now?

People move, life gets complicated, more and more time passing between the moments we can see each other.  It just happens. 

During the scheming phase of this quasi-secret trip, I didn't say much to anyone about it.  I didn't want it to get back to my mom that we were coming.  It was supposed to be a surprise.  I didn't even tell people who live in a state different than my family does these days.

Until one of my very best friends in the whole wide world mentioned that she'd be in California for Christmas.   I can't even remember the last time I saw Blythe, and there is something very wrong with that.  Granted, now a days, I live in the middle of the country and she lives in the middle of the ocean.  But still, I haven't seen her in a long time.  Too long. 

As soon as she said she was going to be here, I spilled it that we were too.  Maybe we could set up a time to meet?  We'd both be busy, sure, since we're only here for a little while.  But find time we did. 

Then I texted Kim.  And I emailed Shannon.  They live in California still, but I don't even get to see them when I make trips out here all that often.  I wondered if they might be able to get together too. 

The four of us met in the dorms in college.  We've been roommates and bridesmaids and godmothers to each others kids. 

None of our kids have met each other (at least I don't think so).  We haven't all been together since Blythe got married almost 7 years ago.  Back then, I had two babies.  Between the four of us, we've added five more kids since then and there is a set of twins on the way now. 

Today is the day.  We're all meeting in the middle, nearest the one of us very pregnant with that set of twins, today.  Today! 

This would be one of the reasons I was insanely, dorkishly excited last week. 

I can't wait.  I need to see these ladies.  I need to talk to them in person and share smiles and laughs.  I need to hug them.  Just a few more hours...

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