Friday, December 31, 2010

Raise Your Glass

Today is the day for that backward glance.  To sum up what the year has been.  Wow.  What a year. 

I guess it is fitting that the 30 day challenge ends today for me, though when I began it, I didn't intend for that. 

It makes sense. 

It's been a good exercise for me, even if now isn't really the time when I need more reasons to analyze myself than I already have.

It's been a way for me to at least acknowledge, if not fully confront, some of my 500 pound gorillas. 

I've had more than a few people ask me why I started it.  I'm not really sure, except that I tend to see challenges and think I can take them on.  Once I start, I am too stubborn to stop. 

Even when it's excruciating.

But it's done, and I answered them all to the best of my abilities right now. 

I've also had more than a few people, other bloggers, express interest in taking on a challenge.  If not this one, another.  I encourage them, even if I didn't love every second of it.  I will probably do one of the photography ones next. 

This exercise has helped me not just look back on the last year, but on my life in general. 

A little perspective is a good thing, especially now. 

Sometimes I just need to be reminded of it, whether by a question, or a friend, or a phone call from my brother at 2am. 

I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.

I am lucky to be where I am.

For all my readers, you are so important to me right now.  I just want you all to know that.  I've used this platform I have to air my grievances, to share my stories, to laugh, to cry.  This...this right here...and all of you that are here with me...this is a huge help in getting me through. 

Tonight, where ever you are, whether you are surrounded by friends and family, whether you are sitting on a couch in the dark alone (as I will surely be), whether you are the center of the party or the one sitting quietly in the corner, I raise my glass to you. 

May you be loved and give love.

May you fail when you are supposed to, survive when you have to and succeed when you want to.

May you smile at that reflection more days than not.

May you find joy.

May 2011 suck less.

Happy New Year.


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