Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Christmas List, 2010

Last year before Christmas, I wrote a list of all the things I wanted.  Some were simple, some were totally outlandish, some were necessities, some were excesses I could never dream of.  I wrote that list all the way back in October of last, I guess I was feeling really optimistic.

Believe it or not, I actually got some of the things on that list from last year. 

I didn't get a pony though.  Insert world's tiniest violin.

It's only a few weeks to Christmas, and I haven't written my list yet.  I suppose I should, though at this point in my life, which is a very different point than it was in October of last year, the only things I really want this year aren't "things" at all. 

Anyway, here is my list.  Not that I have any delusions of a rotund man in a red suit putting anything under my tree or anything...

1. I want some really nice new cardigans.  The last one I bought myself was three years ago. 

2. I want an immersion blender so I can force my family eat even more soup than I already do.

3. I want a super awesome recipe organizer, right now I'm using a 3-ring binder and sheet protectors.

4. I want a real Christmas tree.  (shhh, don't tell Tom...he HATES our fake tree and begged for a real one this year)

5. I want someone to remind me to set the programmable coffee maker that I already own at night before I go to bed. 

6. I want laser eye surgery so I can actually see my alarm clock at night.

7. I want Ashley's hearing to magically get better.

8. I want to go back to when I wrote my last list and live the rest of my life the way I did then.

9. I want a teleporter.  Or a private jet.  Or a clone.

10.  I want a miracle.

C'mon made good on some of my wishes last year....and mostly I just want that last one.

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