Friday, December 17, 2010

Insufficient Glitter

We haven't had hardly any snow here this year yet.  Normally, I'd be itching for snow by now, wishing for a huge storm to blow in. 

The kids are officially antsy.  Ashley woke up one day this week angry.  She looked outside expecting to see the world covered with a wintry blanket and saw the same old stick trees and brown grass that had been there the day before.

They want to go sledding and throw snowballs.  They want to make snow angels and snowmen.  They want to build the driveway ramp and catch snowflakes on their tongues. 

The weather isn't cooperating though.

As much as it would normally bother me, I could care less this year.  It would take a miracle to get me into the Christmas spirit, and though snow would be a good start, it wouldn't be enough.  Not even close.

I haven't baked hardly at all.  I haven't wrapped a thing.  There is a box of lights that has been sitting on my back porch for weeks now.  I just don't care about whether they get put up enough to do it.  I avoid Christmas music, changing the station as soon as a song comes on. 

Today is the huge frenzied school party run back and forth between the classrooms day.  I was up late making treats for class because the kids asked, but will be the first to tell you there is no joy in it for me this time around.  I am actually dreading the class parties.  T minus 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Normally I wear red or green.  Not this year.  I am wearing brown. 

Sitting here on the couch, forcing my youngest to take a nap early, I am looking out the window.  Tiny little snowflakes are falling from the sky, not even close to enough to stick, but fall they must.  It's sunny and snowing.  Welcome to Colorado.  The sunlight catching on the snowflakes creates the illusion of glitter coming from above. 

I can't lie, it is beautiful. 

But it's not enough.

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