Monday, December 27, 2010

Dropping Bombs

I am pretty far from a prude when it comes to movies or music.  One of my all time favorite movies is The Hangover and I've seen just about every episode of Jackass.  I prefer the uncensored versions of the songs I listen to, almost universally. 

I abhor censorship. 

Me and my flaming liberal self. 

But I recently have stared at the radio and asked the question really??? more than once.  Not necessarily about the topics of the songs, or even the lyrics themselves so much.  More by who was singing them. 

I would think that at some point in a pop singer's career, they would settle into their fame.  Get to a point where they don't need shock value to sell records anymore.  Where they have a loyal fan base and don't need to always push the envelope so much. 

The first song that made me think this was by Usher.  I adore Usher.  He's one of the guys who can actually sing and dance at the same time without lip syncing, and I appreciate multitasking.  What I thought was amusing was that in one of his recent songs, he uses the word boobies.  


Dude has been singing for over a decade and made millions of dollars.  He's filled concert arenas and won industry awards.  I kinda think he should be past the point of using lyrics like boobies just because it rhymes.

I thought about writing about this when that song first came out, but I decided that it was more silly than offensive.  I mean, how many grown men use the word boobies at all, let alone sing about it that way?  I thought it was laughable, and to be honest I thought it was a little sad.  Plus, like everything else Usher sings, I like the song otherwise.

Then Enrique Iglesias' new song started heavy rotation on the airwaves.  You may have heard it, though depending on where in the country you are and which station you listen to, you may have heard the silenced version, the dubbed clean version or the real version.

The chorus in this one?  Tonight I'm f***ing you.


Again, dude has been singing for what seems like forever.  He is famous around the world.  He's got more money than most celebrities could ever dream of.   He doesn't need controversy to get his place in the spotlight.  He's not hanging on to the edge of fame.  He's not an aging pop star, at least not yet. 

Then, why?

I just want to ask them both. 

I know that my writing about it, like all the other people who have sat up and taken notice, will just get these songs more publicity than they already have had.  That it just encourages it.   I know that. 

I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity, right?   Even if it means you have a drop a few F bombs to get it.

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