Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days of Truth, Day 4

Day 4 - What is something you have to forgive someone for?

I'm starting to wonder now if accepting this challenge was a good idea.  I'm thinking maybe not so much.  My world is spinning right now already, and to sit and think about all the things these questions are making me think about makes me a wee bit emotional. 

Instead of writing about the serious things I need to forgive people for, and the ways that they have wronged me, how about this one instead?  I promise it's just as legitimate, far more entertaining and less heart wrenching.

After we got married, Tom and I had to figure out how to combine his stuff, my stuff and our stuff.  At the time, we had a spacious 550 sq. ft. apartment, with the vast closet space you'd only find in such a luxury palace.  I'm being sarcastic.  We had a tiny place and tinier storage.

Is tinier a word?  If not, I'm so claiming it.

Anyway, we had to decide what could go and what could stay.  He got rid of things, I got rid of some too.  Then it came time to go through the closets.  I had lots of shoes, including some that I hardly ever wore but refused to part with just in case I ever wanted to wear them again.

Have I mentioned that I really love shoes?

There was one pair that caught his eye.  One pair that he really wanted to get rid of.  His argument was legitimate.  I hadn't worn them in the entire time I'd known him.  They weren't anywhere close to being in style at the time, and he decided they weren't ever coming back.  After much negotiating, I caved.  I agreed to let them go, all the while promising him that it was a mistake to get rid of them.  That there would be a time I would wish I still had them. That someday I would utter the dreaded "I told you so".

My black suede boots. 

You know, the ones that are officially back in style. 

Someday I will forgive him for making me let them go.  That someday will most likely be later on this week when my new pair of black suede boots arrives in the mail.  ;)

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