Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 Days of Truth, Day 20

Day 20 - What are your views on drugs and alcohol?

This is an awfully vague and generalized question, or at least I think so.  I mean, I guess my answer depends on what your definition of a "drug" is and which ones specifically you are referring to.

Plenty of people consider caffeine to be a drug, though I wouldn't ever go that far.  It is a stimulant, but you have to consume fairly massive quantities of it for it to do anything unusual...like make you spontaneously jump out of your seat in class one day with the jitters and want to run laps on the track in the pouring rain.  Not that it ever happened to me or anything.  ;)

I am actually not all that qualified to have an opinion on most drugs being as I've never used any of them.  Sure, I've been in plenty of marijuana smoke filled rooms before, but I've never smoked it directly.  I've never used anything else.  I know, right?  I'm a goody goody that way. 

I've known plenty of people that smoke pot though, and can say with complete honesty that the only negative side effects I saw were the munchies, laughing a LOT and increased apathy about going to class.  That, and it took this one guy I know about 3 hours to get to my house one night when he lived less than 10 minutes away.  I'm not sure where he went, but I am pretty sure he was high that night.  No names of course...you know who you are. 

Having kids now, I want to tell them that drugs are bad.  I do.  Really.  But I know far too many people who benefit from marijuana's medicinal use, whether technically prescribed or not.    I see pot as a relatively harmless, sometimes beneficial drug.  Having said that, I will still try to keep my kids away from it. 

Other drugs though, they scare me more as a parent.  Especially meth.  I've seen what that can do too, and it's not pretty.  Talk about majorly messing up your life!  The thing that scares me the most about meth is that it is so easy to get and so addictive, sometimes the user is hooked with the first use.   Any of the hard drugs scare me that way, and I will do anything and everything in my power to steer my babies away from them. 

Prescription drugs aren't any better these days, some very susceptible to abuse.  I've tried to teach my kids that you only take medication if you really, really, really need it.  That there is a time and a place for it, and that you never use it if you don't truly need it. 

As for alcohol...I have to admit that I drink.  Not every day, and usually not more than one drink at a time.  I know that I have a predisposition to developing alcoholism, which I unfortunately have probably already passed to my children.   Yay genetics!  That scares me far more than drugs ever have or will.  

I know that I have thin ice to walk on with alcohol and try very hard not to go out too far.  I don't ever want to feel like I am not in control, and the thought of my kids ever being there terrifies me.

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