Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Days of Truth, Day 18

Day 18 - What are your views on gay marriage?

I've written about this exact subject already, so anyone who's been around for a while already knows the answer to this one.  You can read it here if you are interested.

In case you missed that one (which to date has the most feedback of all my posts, since it riled up a few readers quite a bit), I will lay it out for you, basically summarizing what I've said before.

I am 100% completely in favor of gay marriage.  Totally.  Give it to them.  All of it.

I believe in equality.  I believe in fairness.  And not just the fence sitting moderate liberal variety.

I know that human sexuality isn't something within any one's control.  (this point seemed to incite the most ugly commentary before, sadly)

I have witnessed with my own eyes what happens when reality is squashed back and people live a lie.  Too many times.

I am well aware of the fact that straight people have yet to master marriage.  We can't very well lay claim to it, hold it up on some alleged pedestal when the divorce rate is 50%.   

I can't wrap my head around why it is perfectly acceptable for one person to marry 8 times just because they are straight, yet a homosexual couple who has been together for decades cannot marry once.

I think the current paranoia about gay marriage is largely a construct of the bully pulpit.  (For more of my views on religion, stay tuned.....the next one of the 30 days of truth asks me to write about that.)

I could go on for days about this subject, but I will spare you. 

I think it's pretty obvious where I stand.

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