Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Minutes

I spent pretty much all day today going.  And going.  It's almost 10pm and I just sat down.

It's that last week of school before break, the kids will be home 24/7 soon, I still have a million things to do before Christmas kind of panic. 

I found the unfindable in the unlikeliest of places, the thing that is going to make me an awesome mom come next week.

I scored a pair of jeans for myself for less than $10. 

I got my baby boy the thing that I know will drive me crazy but that I know he will adore.

I wrote out almost 100 envelopes for Christmas cards.

I think I managed to get all the gifts taken care of for the teachers and other special people at school.  I hope so anyway....I am out of time if I missed someone.

I made, cut, frosted and decorated 117 tree shaped peanut free brownies for the parties tomorrow.  I keep waiting for the day that my kids ask for something easy and simple. 

I did all those things because I had to, because I needed to. 

And for 10 minutes in the middle of the craziness of my day, I sat in my car and cried until there weren't any tears left.

Guess I needed to do that too.

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