Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am thankful for so many things today that it is hard to put them all into words.

I am thankful for my husband, the one who is braving the grocery store this morning just to get bacon.  I love that man.

I am thankful for my children, each one a unique blessing in my life.  They challenge me, they make me a better person, they give me their unwavering love. 

I am thankful to be sharing my home this morning with a friend I haven't seen in too many years.  Waking up to the sounds of five kids playing is better than four.

I am thankful for all my friends, near and far.  For those who have been there through everything, those who just recently re-entered my life, those who are new.  Every single one of you enriches my life.  My world is better with you. 

I am thankful for my family.  For the one here and the one there.  For the one I will sit around a table with today, and the one I wish I could do that with.  Someday science will perfect cloning or teleportation, but until then I will not be able to be in two places at once.  I love you all.

I am thankful for the doctors and nurses who have cared for my father, but especially for the respiratory therapists and phlebotomists and male nurses.   They made the hardest days of this year more tolerable with their patience and kindness. 

I am thankful for so many things I took for granted before.  Each day is a gift.

Though no holiday ever seems complete in my heart and the distance between where I am and where I want to be is great, I am thankful this morning.  I am thankful for the trips I have made, five this year in all.  I am thankful for all the people who helped to make those trips possible, even when they were sudden and scary.  Even when I didn't know how long I would be gone for. 

To every person in my life, you have touched my soul whether you know it or not.  I am far better at describing my gratitude here than I have ever been at saying it in person.  I love you all. 

Thank you.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with friends, family and food. 

Kind and Generous, Natalie Merchant

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