Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reindeer Down

Yesterday was the day.

Competition man day.  Who can put it up the fastest?

Boxes came out of the basement.  The broken and burned out were replaced.  Sophisticated wiring diagrams used. 

Men found themselves perched on rooftops, forgetting just how steep it is up there.

Inevitably, those men didn't carry enough of the necessary items with them to complete the task at hand.  That would make too much sense. 

Need a little help here.

Oh, of course.  You mean, you want us to do something other than hold the end of the string of lights in some kind of official capacity?  You mean standing on the sidewalk laughing at you all nervous like on the roof isn't funny? 

It is funny, actually.

But it's done.  Well, it's mostly done anyway. 

There are boxes of stuff that didn't get put out yet, he swears they aren't going out this year.  I've learned not to believe him when he says things like that.  There is no such thing as too many lights. 

Can't quite see us from outer space yet.

We lost of few of our most cherished decorations yesterday.  One of the reindeer didn't make it out.  The stands on the back have been broken for years, but now there is a short in the wire somewhere and the head doesn't light up anymore. 

You don't want headless reindeer lighting up your yard.

It scares the children.

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