Friday, November 26, 2010

I really wanted those boots

It's 8:30 am on the holiest of all shopping days, Black Friday.  Normally, I am out.  Normally, I have sets of lists, stacks of coupons, copies of the ads and a game plan. 

To achieve success on a day like today, you have to have a plan.  I usually decide where I am going to go and in what order.  I've learned to avoid getting a cart if it is humanly possible.  I've learned that there are some stores that you will spend an hour just in line to checkout, so that time better be worth the savings.  I've learned that it isn't even worth going to some stores because they stock so few of the items they advertise.  I've learned to just avoid the electronics section at Walmart. 

I like my life.

People are crazy out there.  I've seen arguments and shoving matches, I've seen people ramming each other with carts.  I've seen people steal things out of other carts when they weren't being watched.

I've scored a lot of good deals over the years, it's true.  I've kept going for hours and hours thanks to coffee and the euphoric high that comes from paying $5 for something that should be $30. 

Not this year.

I'm pretty much done with shopping already.  I did pretty good, most of the stuff I've already bought either isn't in the ads for today at all or the prices weren't far off.  It's not worth fighting the crowds to save $2 in my opinion. 

I have a friend here from out of town, and it seems that we'd rather stay up late talking and drinking than get up early for shopping strategy sessions.  That's just fine with me.

There are a few things I contemplated going out for this morning.  I still may go to the mall to try and get a cheap coat for AJ when they open.  Most of the other stuff that looked appealing was actually stuff I wanted.  And I'm not about to 1) spend money on me this time of year or 2) get up early to do it.

I did really want those boots though.

Oh well.

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