Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dancing with the Stars?

In a little over an hour, the season finale of one of my favorite shows will air. 

Dancing with the Stars

I've watched almost every episode of every season.  There is something about watching people out of their element struggle to learn a new skill on such a public platform.  Like most people who watch the show, I usually have predetermined favorites.  I have the people I am rooting for and the ones I am watching just to witness the train wreck.  Every year there are surprises, people who you don't think will be good who turn out to be.  And those who are blessed with the physical assets that should make them good, but are far from it.  Kim Kardashian, Audrina Partridge, anyone?

This season, like every other before it, included questionable people in the lineup.  The ones that are clearly put there for ratings, or who you just know aren't going to take the show very seriously, or who are too old to move quickly let alone dance, or who aren't even celebrities.

Like her.  You know who I am talking about unless you've been under a rock for the last few months.  Bristol.

Last time I checked, being the daughter of a politician does not a "star" make.  When they introduce her, they describe her as a teen spokesperson.

For what, exactly?  Hypocrisy? 

Don't do what I did, don't get pregnant as a teenager.  I mean, it didn't work out for me at all.  I haven't been on tons of magazine covers.  I haven't been asked to be on a prime time reality tv show.  I haven't been blessed with this awesome platform.  Totally, abstinence is the way. 

Because clearly all that abstinence only stuff worked for her.

So here she is, in the finals of the show.  The network executives just now admitted to flaws in the voting system, weeks after right wing websites told people to vote, weeks after bloggers bragged about sneaking in hundreds of votes per line, weeks after it became obvious that she had overstayed her abilities.

Yeah, she is not a dancer.  You can make that argument with me.  So what?  She's improved a little, but hasn't improved nearly as much as other contestants have over the years.   She's been at the bottom in terms of scores for what seems like forever, yet she stays. 

The results will be on here soon enough, and I have a feeling she's going to win.  Not because she deserves to.  Not because she should even be categorized as a "star" and on it in the first place. Not because of any of that.  Because of who her mother is.

As frustrated as I am with the show this season, and the manipulation of the voting, I am more amazed at the fact that no one seems to have addressed the issue of what is really going on here. 

Bristol is being used.

By the network for ratings. 

And by her mother for free publicity.

Bristol doesn't seem to realize it at all.  After all, she's just a "normal" girl.  In a lot of ways she is right about that.  She's naive, and she's being thrown to the wolves and all the criticism of the public eye and she doesn't even see it.

It's one thing to go on a show like this for shameless publicity for your own purposes.  It's another for her to be there, claiming to be passionate about her hypocritical platform, when really she is just a pawn for the older and the wiser Palin.

Makes me almost feel a little bad for her.  Almost.

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