Monday, November 15, 2010


I feel like I'm about to go on a bender.

No, not that kind.  Good lord, I'm not drinking anything with alcohol in it for a while. 

Another kind of bender.   Coke.

No, not that kind of coke.  Jeez, people....

The kind of Coke that comes in a beautiful red can.  Bubbly sweet goodness. 

I generally avoid soda, trying only to drink it when I eat out.  If I buy it for the house, I always buy diet.  The only real exception to that is when we are having a party or guests over and I buy something with actual sugar in it. 

Even the diet stuff, I try not to drink much of it.  All kinds of studies have found all kinds of bad things about diet soda, especially the ones with phosphorus in them...the calcium leeching wonder that it is.  Women in general, really should avoid soda.  But I digress.

I try to be good. 

But if I am at Sonic, with their awesome little crushed ice balls and full array of flavors to infuse into your drinks, I will admit to getting a cherry Coke.  The full octane stuff.  If you're gonna add syrup to your soda, it might as well be the regular stuff, right?  It's not like I drink it that often anyway. 

I've completely eliminated soda in all forms from my diet at times in my life, and always been glad about it.  It literally takes only a few days for you to stop wanting it.  Even the diet stuff, it's addictive, I tell you.

I made my husband go to the store when I was, ahem, under the weather yesterday.  One of the things I told him to get was Coke. 

He called me from the store. 

Him:  You want Diet, right?
Me: Nope, regular.
Him:  Really?  We never buy regular.
Me: I know.  Just buy it.

He brought home a 12 pack.  12 red, shiny cans of happiness. 

He doubts the medicinal value of Coke.  I swear by it though, and it has to be the regular.  It can cure headaches and settle upset tummies....not that I had either of those yesterday or anything....

I had me some of it yesterday, just enough to take the edge off the pounding in my head and queasiness remaining in my tummy.

And then it crossed my mind.  I could go off the deep end.  I could drink the rest of that 12 pack.  I could stay up all night from caffeine incited insomnia.  I could get the jitters from the sugar high.  I could go to the store and get more.  I could.

Those cans, they are sitting in the fridge.  Can you hear them?  I swear they are calling my name. 

I could go on a Coke bender.

I could.

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