Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today I learned that having a big giant bed to sleep in alone doesn't mean I will sleep better than when it is full of people.

Today I learned that joy can come in the form of a little girl racing down a bowling alley on her knees in a poufy pink dress.

Today I learned that I can make a Halloween costume in less than 10 minutes.

Today I learned that my son secretly doesn't hate to go clothes shopping, as long as he gets to pick out the stuff he has to try on.

Today I learned just how much I missed a little boy who was gone for less than 18 hours.

Today I learned that when my husband fries up chicken wings, it even stinks up the garage.

Today I learned that both my brothers in law are awesome.  One for doing what he says he would, and the other for doing what he was hoping I'd have to do.

Today I learned that Sparky is also a kick ass mechanic.

Today I learned that my mother in law can bake a mean chocolate cake.

Today I learned that my nephew looks almost exactly like both my brother and his wife at the same time, though I'm not exactly sure that is possible.

Today I learned that my kids will drop anything to make a card for their Grandpa.

Today I learned that I can cry almost all the tears I need to in less than five minutes.

Today I learned that when you stare up at the sky, the clouds meshed with the mountains to create a sunset unlike any other, it's so amazing that it can literally take your breath away.

Today I learned that I am far more homesick than I thought I was.

Today was just a day, and yet it has taught me so much. 

I am grateful, I am blessed, I am lucky. 

And even with all that I am, the only thing I can think about tonight is how much I miss my Daddy.

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  1. I miss my daddy, too. What a lovely post. Welcome to my rotation on BlogHer Ads!


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