Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm fighting an overwhelming urge to do what I do best.  Save someone.  Part of me, a big part of me, is half ready to get in the car and drive far from here to convince someone to get out of there.  That things don't have to be like this.  That cowering in a corner is no way to live.

That she deserves better than this.

I want her to see that she is beautiful and strong and worthy.  That she hasn't brought this about, that she hasn't caused this.  That she cannot fix this and she cannot make it right.

That it will get worse.

The statistics on domestic violence are astounding.  One in four women will be a victim of it at some point in her lifetime.  One in four. 

Domestic Violence Statistics

It doesn't matter how stressed out someone is.  It doesn't matter how internally conflicted they may be.  It doesn't matter.  It is never okay.

Please get help. 

And you know if I need to drive out there, I will.  xoxo


  1. Speaking as a former victim, she is right. You can rationalize the crap out of it. Believe me I made every excuse for him out there. But try to see the life you are living outside of yourself. What advice would you give your best friend in this situation? There are no do overs, and you cannot get this time back. You do deserve better, and I don't even know you! I will pray for you to have strength!

  2. It's so devilish how being treated the worst can make someone feel they deserve that the most. I pray your good friend finds strength. Many women, including my mom with 2 young kids did it in the 1970's, I did it and many others as well. There's no recovery except grabbing help anyhow, anywhere, to any degree. She has to believe, even just a little, in her heart domestic violence of any kind is not deserved.
    Unfortunately, some women never do. It's a constant struggle to trust enough in yourself even if you do get out. I pray your good friend finds her strength and value and goes anywhere but there.
    I'm sorry <3


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