Saturday, October 16, 2010

Never Done

It's 10pm and I am just getting around to writing today.  Been like that around here, I suppose.  Busy.  But good busy. 

I slept in this morning, which was awesome.  I get about 30 minutes to myself on Saturday mornings to sleep.  To take up as much space in the bed as I want.  To use my entire pillow all by myself.  To steal the covers and squeeze my eyelids shut in denial of the morning.  I love Saturday mornings. 

After waking up, I started the laundry, poured my cup of coffee and sat to enjoy awesome blueberry pancakes made by my dear husband.  I didn't even get halfway done with my coffee before the rest of the day urged me forward. 

Popcorn fundraiser emails sent, then a shower, then a few hours at the farm, then home to make lunch, and off to the craft show with my mother in law (also known as the crap show by my husband and father in law).

Soccer game, home to catch the scores on the football games, then I left again to get Aidan's haircut.  After he was handsome and groomed, we went clothes shopping.  A special kind of torture for a little boy, the fitting room is.  He absolutely hates to try on clothes.  Fortunately we only had to go to one store. He still whined like it was 15 stores.

I had to get home to make dinner, download the pictures and keep going on the laundry.

Now it's 10pm, everyone else in bed.  I am staring at the piles of laundry still left, the piles of dishes still sitting on the counter and just now getting around to writing. 

It's 10pm, and I'm still not done.

Not that I ever am.

Motherhood...ain't it grand?

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