Friday, October 15, 2010

Mision Cumplida

We spent the better part of two nights glued to the television this week.  Captivated by the drama unfolding in Chile.  Those men survived longer than anyone else ever has in a cave in.  I don't honestly know how they didn't go crazy down there, spending just short of 2 months in the darkness, wondering if they'd ever get out alive.

Their survival is a testament to technology, the will of a nation and the incredible strength of the men. 

It's amazing.

My kids have been as obsessed with it all as I have.  Watching live online as the first man went up.  They woke up the following morning before I did and huddled around the TV.  Three kids, watching CNN, cheering as each miner emerged from the earth.  It brought tears to my eyes, not just what they were watching, but that they were watching.  I was proud of them.

There are about a million questions that need answered in the wake of the rescue.  Why did this mine continue operation long past the time it should have?  What can be done to make mining, the most dangerous job in the world, safer?  Who will bear the brunt of the cost for the rescue operation?

Another question comes to mind for me.  It involves miner 21, Yonni Rojas.  You know by now which one I am talking about if you've followed the news at all this week.  The man, who while half a mile below the surface, was discovered to be an adulterer.  His wife and mistress both camping out, waiting.  His infidelity now public information worldwide. 

I can't even imagine what his wife has been through in the last two months.  First to think that your husband is dead.   Then you learn he is alive, but don't know if he will ever get out.  Finally, to discover he has betrayed your marriage. 

When he emerged from the capsule, his mistress greeted him.  He didn't acknowledge her right away, he looked around first.  I hope he was looking for his wife.  I hope he realized what the now public information of his mistress had done to her.  I hope he realized he was wrong, not necessarily in falling out of love with her, but in not being honest with her.  His wife wasn't there when he came up.  The other woman was. 

Mr. Rojas might have been the only guy who wasn't in a hurry to be rescued. 

And god only knows what his wife must be feeling right now. 

His rescue is still her tragedy.

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