Thursday, October 7, 2010


In the past few weeks, I have added two blogs to the list of things I read.  Since, you know, I have nothing but an abundance of time on my hands.  (sarcasm)

One of them is a blog about parenting and the struggles with it.  About how we constantly question ourselves as parents, wonder whether we are irreparably screwing up our children on a daily basis.  The other, about life as a new nurse who happens to have a boat load of children at home.   These are topics that interest me deeply, as I often find myself in situations similar to the writers, asking myself the same questions.  There is a part of me that would like to be a nurse someday too.

Most interestingly, I love these new blogs for the same reason.  They are both written by men. 

I know, right???

Women pretty much have the mommy blog market cornered, for the obvious reason that we are the mommies.  I'm a late addition to it, struggling to run fast enough to keep up with those who have been doing it since blogging became trendy.  A little behind the times, I am.

Daddy blogs, though, aren't as common.  And this one is a particularly insightful blog. Written by a man who clearly thinks through what he types out.  Who isn't afraid to talk about the things that embarrass us or scare as parents, or as people for that matter.  Who calls it like he sees it. 

This guy...he's going places.  I promise you will hear more from him in the years to come.  Partially because he is such a great writer, but mostly I think because he's drawn such a large following just by virtue of the fact that he is rare.  A man willing to lay it all out there for the world to see, ugly flaws and everything. 

Us mommy bloggers do that all the time...but there are thousands of us.  There aren't many of him.

The other blog, about a male nurse, intrigued me initially because of the simple fact that there aren't many male nurses.  There sure as hell aren't enough of them.   There is a huge need in this country for male nurses.  I have seen with my own eyes how much of a difference they can make in the quality of care given to patients, particularly male patients.   We need to change our perceptions of nursing and we need to encourage more men to enter the profession.

As an aside, there is a traveling nurse named Ralston that I will be eternally grateful to.  I can't say enough wonderful things about him and what he did for my father back in February.  A giant of a man with the gentlest of souls...if anyone was made to be a nurse, it is him. 

In addition to being a nurse, this blogger is the father of four kids.  Four little kids.  His wife had them at home, nurses exclusively and home schools.  All those topics are ones I love to read and write about, and hearing a man's perspective on them is enlightening. 


These two male bloggers fascinate me.  Here they are, adrift on a tiny raft in the sea of female dominated subjects.  What they offer is a very different perspective on just about everything.  It's one that is just as important as what we have to say, perhaps even more so because it is hard to find in such a genuine and real form.

They are rare, these two. They are worth checking out.

As a post edit, I recently stopped following Single Dad Laughing.  He is increasingly insistent that he knows everything and it's gotten old. 

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