Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Confession Wednesday

When we lived in San Diego, there was a radio show that we listened to with every possible opportunity.  A morning comedy talk show, it was everything a morning comedy talk show should be.  Irreverent, raunchy, hilarious, with an occasional song or piece of the news thrown in to lend it some kind of legitimacy. 

Back then, there were three hosts, Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw.  The show was wildly popular, and yet it was taken off the air for reasons I don't fully understand since we were gone by the time it happened.  The two men are back together in San Diego again, and we listened this last time we were there.  It just wasn't the same anymore.   Still funny, but not as good.

It's hard to recapture magic.

Anyhow, they used to run bits on specific days of the week, and on Wednesdays they had Confessions.   People would call into the show to admit the terrible (and funny) things they had done and the hosts would vote on who committed the funniest violation of humanity, rewarding them with a prize. 

In the spirit of their show, and given the theme of my writing lately that we moms aren't perfect, I decided to make Wednesdays Confession Day. 

What's something you hate to admit you have done as a wife?  As a mother?  As a sister?  As a friend?  C' know you've done something.   ;)

I once forced my daughter to go to school when she told me she didn't feel good because I totally didn't believe her.  She barfed on a classmate.

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