Thursday, October 28, 2010, wait....34

A little while back, my husband did something that I have to admit to having done before.  He forgot how old he was.  I prefer to make myself younger when I do that, but he made himself a year older.  He was so convincing that he managed to get his dad to think he was right.  It was pretty funny.

On our honeymoon all those years ago...
I've found myself doing the math quickly in my head more than once trying to figure out how old I am.  I often have had to use the ages of the kids to do it.  Once you pass 21, it's not like birthdays are fun anyway, right?  I mean, I don't really need to get all excited about getting older.  I'm good. 

Today is his birthday, this man of mine.  And he's 34, not 35.  Not yet, anyway.

It's been a year of accomplishments, a year of lessons learned, a year of new responsibilities, a year of change. It would be hard to sum up this past year without the word I use a little too often to describe our lives, chaotic. 

A few weeks ago with our littlest one
Life is a journey in chaos sometimes, you never know what waits around the bend.  Sometimes the future seems uncertain, sometimes it seems sure.  Sometimes life is effortless, sometimes everything takes work.  This past year has been one with it all. 

This past year has been one with peaks and valleys I'd not imagined encountering at this point in my life.  The unwelcome reality of life isn't anything we haven't weathered before, though.  And through it all, he has been my rock.  My center.  My home. 

To the man that I can't imagine living without, happy birthday.  I love you.

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