Monday, September 27, 2010


I feel terrible.  I want to curl up in a ball, remove my entire digestive system from my body and sleep.  That stomach virus I was sure I'd had and been done with last week came back with a vengeance.  At 9:27pm last night.

I didn't sleep hardly at all.  I couldn't find a way to get comfortable.  I kept needing to get up.  I was hot, then cold.  Two of the kids still felt compelled to climb in bed with us and snuggle when the absolute last thing I want in the universe right now is a two year old kicking me in the stomach.

The kids have all had a turn with this one, and when they were/are sick, they get all kinds of awesome attention.  Sprite on call, gatorade whenever they want, complete control of the TV remote, their own bowls and towels to carry around just in case.  If they want to lay down, they can.  If they want to sleep all day, they can. 

Me, though, not so lucky.  Moms don't get a day off.  It doesn't matter how I feel, I still have to take care of everything else.  That everything else that includes a five year old home sick too and a two year old still battling it himself. 

I apologize if I'm not loving my job right about now.  If I seem negative and whiny.  I hurt and I am tired.

Motherhood would be better if there were unicorns.

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  1. Oh poor you. I am currently formulating a very terse letter to "the Man" regarding allowing Moms to get sick. I'll include your name in the letter. Frankly it is unacceptable. Took both kids to the gym w/ me today....and on the way home Charlotte told me she wanted to go home and nap. Went to take her out of the car, yep the kid's running a fever...and then started to cry that her tummy hurt. Yuk..not looking forward to the puke that is sure to follow soon. Making Chicken broth for my sick kid. And a run to the store for some 7-up. I hope you start to feel better soon. And I guess you'll all be skipping the flu shot this year.


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