Sunday, September 26, 2010


One of my fabulous blogger friends (who was a fabulous friend long before things like blogs were invented) tends to run posts entitled This Is What Sunday Looks Like.  She is a Mormon, and was called to serve in the child care area of the church on Sundays.  Which, if you knew her, you would know that it makes all the sense in the world.  She is honestly one of the funnest people I know, with really amazing accessories.  Seriously, she is a grown up and can pull off headbands.

So anyway, she posts fairly routinely about her adventures in the child care room.  And what adventures they are!  Then again, she has a gift with words and can make what is sure to be a routine day seem like the most interesting three hours ever. 

I was thinking about her this morning as I sat here and pondered what to write.  I laughed.  I think people would be appalled if they knew What Sunday Looks Like around here.  And I'd be mortified. 

I will spare you all from photographs...I know that I don't want evidence of my Sundays floating around on the internet. 

Let me set the scene for you:

* Mountains of dishes, in various states of rinse, piled precariously on the counter.  In the sink.  Oozing out of the space devoted to dishes.

* Kitchen table covered with (in no particular order): scattered sections of the newspaper, 3 almost empty cereal bowls, Ally's handwriting notebook, a tray filled with the fake food from the play kitchen and 23 of the 26 magnetic letters of the alphabet.

* Under the table, more fun awaits.  My flip flops, shoved down there by the only person in the house who fits easily under there...AJ.  He likes to wear my shoes.  An upside down empty raisin container.  A disassembled flashlight.  And the plastic top from a Slurpee that belonged to one of the girls yesterday.

* Random pieces of clothing scattered from yesterday's try-everything-on festivities.  Love seasonal transitions around here.

* The hum of the dryer in the background.

* Toys everywhere.  And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.  Literally.

* The carpet is littered with popcorn remnants from the movie/college football marathon that has been the last two days.  And a faux leather jacket Aidan insists on wearing in the school talent show next month.  Except it's way too big.  More on the talent show later.  Darn you Justin Bieber!

* Two kids huddled under a blanket in the corner with a flashlight.  One with hair that closely resembles a lion's mane this time of day.  The other covered head to toe in marker.  A third child changing her clothes constantly in between dancing to the music on the TV.  Because it wouldn't be a fashion show without loud music.

* Aidan is out at church with Grandma Kathi.  Aidan loves church, not because he loves church but because there are donuts after. 

* I'm sitting here sipping my second cup of coffee, still in my pajamas.

* My husband is out running laps around the neighborhood, training for his relay marathon.  Somehow he got the 8 mile portion.  This morning he asked me if we had Vaseline for his nipples.  If you have to lube up your nipples before participating in something, shouldn't that be a sign that maybe you aren't supposed to do it?  Just sayin.

That's what Sunday looks like around here.  At least I didn't take pictures.

Tomorrow, order will be restored.  Thank goodness.

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  1. Hey, wait, I've only got two and that is exactly what my house looks like....and hubby is usually out riding his bike or running but this weekend he went to Red Rocks with his best buddy to see Phil Lesh (sp...who knows. And all I have to say to your Hubby is he needs to get some Bag Balm...smells funky but works.


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