Monday, September 6, 2010


I spent a lot of time doing something I am really bad at yesterday.

Something that my husband keeps telling me I need to take classes for.

Something that gets me extraordinarily frustrated.

I fiddled with this. Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle.

You see, everything that appears on the screen here is dictated by html code and site feeds. There are templates and backgrounds and widgets. There are wrappers and column widths and buffers and linked images.

It's way scarier than it sounds.

It took me weeks, literally, to decide that I didn't like any of the three column backgrounds I could find (and realize that I wasn't comfortable downloading one from some third party site). So, I, Kelly DeBie, did the unthinkable.

I wrote html.

I took a few computer programming classes in college. I passed them, but I will be the first to tell you that my C- was completely a sympathy grade. My teacher felt so sorry for me and my pathetic attempts at code that he passed me. I'm fairly sure he also was partially afraid I'd have to repeat the class if I didn't pass and he might have to try to teach me again.

I'm that bad at it.

But after hours of editing yesterday, I did it. I conquered the html beast. I fixed my template, I uploaded a background to accommodate the new width. I even found images for post breaks and tags, which requires a whole lot of editing and linking.

I did it.

It's not perfect. I could fiddle with it more, for sure. Seeing as my head almost exploded yesterday and my wrists are sore from my carpal tunnel acting up because I spent so long on the computer yesterday, I will leave well enough alone.

For now.

I'll be back to writing tomorrow...but first, my hands and my brain need a break.


  1. I have found this site useful when I need a refresher...


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