Saturday, August 28, 2010



That pretty much about completely sums it up.

There really aren't other words that can fully communicate what I felt last night as we walked out of a store here in town.

We went downtown for a street festival. Watched Ashley's best friend in the whole wide world dance in front of the crowd. Admired the daring spectacles of the street performers. Wondered a few times if that was what I really thought it was...oh, and it was.

As an aside, I really have no issues with cross dressing...but if you're gonna do it, you should at least be somewhat convincing. I mean, even the kids were like, "Mom, that is a man". If you're over 6 feet tall, you should be able to rock an outfit, not wear a frumpy housewife dress. Really.

Anyhow, we were walking around being entertained. The kids went in a bounce house and when they got out Aidan asked if we could go look around in the game store right next door. I told them to ask their father, figuring he'd say no and usher them along down the road.

I should have known better.

It was a game store, yes. But It wasn't a game store. It was a gamer store, which by the way, is completely different. I've never had occasion to be in one before. Wow.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am a dork. A nerd. A head case. Totally. I love science, random trivia, was in the advanced classes. I even had the glasses, hair, acne and clothes to go with it.

I like to think I am in recovery.

Let me tell you this, though. I am uber cool compared to what was in there. Not a single girl in the place, save the one who worked there with her tiny little dog, which was so clearly dressed up like a World Of Warcraft character.

There was the merchandise section of the store up front, the vast majority of which was dedicated to the "stuff" one needs to play online games. Then there was the obligatory adventure game section for the old school Dungeons and Dragons folk (like my husband once was, he's in recovery too, at least I hope he is).

Towards the back, it got weirder. Scepters and daggers and helmets. I had to stop looking because I knew I would start asking inappropriate questions.

Then I realized that the entire back half of the store was full of tables. And they were about half full of actual people playing the games.

I whispered to my husband that I needed to get out of there quickly before the dork rubbed off on me.

Then he said, and I am not kidding, "I didn't know you could play here?!?!"

Apparently he has more dork left in him than I thought.


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