Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Fun things I learned (or was reminded of) on this vacation:

* When you feel like you are missing something, you are. Already an hour away from home, I realized it. The tickets to Legoland. I knew I was forgetting something....

* Vegas is far less appealing during the day. But even at night, unless you're drunk, it's still nasty. To quote a frat boy....cute from far, but far from cute. Better from a distance.

* Another fun thing about are taking your life in your hands just by driving on the Strip. That bad. Oh, and don't go thinking that parked cars are any safer. Mine was hit in the parking structure. Sweet.

* Driving at night is better for lots of reasons, #1 being the avoidance of I have a tiny bladder, yet feel compelled to drink water constantly then whine that I have to go to the bathroom. There are two main offenders in my family, I'll leave it to you to decide who.

* When you are in the middle of Utah and see the tiniest bit of what looks like a car peeking out from an underpass, slow down. I did but the guy behind me didn't, at least not fast enough. Whew....I missed that ticket, but just barely. Good to know I still have the eyes. ;)

* You can drive aggressively in Southern California and people don't blink an eye at it. Don't do it anywhere else though, then you are just a jerk.

* There is always traffic in L.A. Always.

* I miss San Diego way more than I thought I did. There is nothing like coming around that corner on the Southbound 5 in San Clemente to see the wide open ocean. Good stuff.

* Very strange people donate blood. Let's hope they screen it thoroughly. Seriously.

* Leaving a stroller unattended warrants a lecture from security guards. Really?

* Once hair turns green from chlorine, it doesn't like to go back to blonde.

* Driving home always sucks more...but at least we didn't have to buy a new car on the trip home like a friend of mine did. Not kidding.

* There are things you won't see outside SoCal. Lots of things. Scary things.

And, last but not least...

* It's not really vacation until someone throws up.

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