Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am lucky in this life. I truly am. I've lived in some amazing places. I've been fortunate that some truly special people have come into my world.

I've been thrust into a few strange and new situations, and in those times in my life, I've made some of my best friends.

Then those times in my life came to an end. We grew up, we moved away, we went on. Life went on.

Some of my friends are ones I haven't seen in decades. Others, it's been only months.

I've come to realize lately how much I miss them. All of them.

I miss my wicked cool best friend from elementary school and our insatiable need for sleepovers.

I miss my sweet and silly friend from junior high and all the note writing and song recording we did back then.

I miss my boy crazy mall rat friend from high school...even though we haven't spoken in years, I miss her.

I miss my college roommate and quirky friend, the girl who could out-eat anyone and make you laugh just by laughing herself.

I miss my most creative friend from the right coast who called pizzas pies and who grew up to be an amazing supermom business owner.

I miss the girl who is the closest thing I've ever had to a sister, the one who walked out of her room wearing the same thing as me more times than I'd care to count. Who was in my wedding, and me in hers. Who is still often the first person to know anything.

I miss the brilliant people I spent three years in hell with. Law school sucks. Just sayin.

I miss my mommy friend turned completely everything friend turned I've seen everything friend. You know who you are, and yes, this would make an awesome t-shirt. Challah!

I miss my friend, the one who declared that four is a lot, but five is just gross. We survived working together, and that alone is a testament to our friendship. We owe each other a cruise one of these days.

I miss my friends from high school who I found again on Facebook and am way closer to now than I ever was then.

I miss all the wonderful people in my life back home these days, the ones that have become my new friends. I haven't seen you all much as of late, and I need to work on that more.

I think, in part, I'm missing everyone so much because in the course of the past few days, my husband has been reunited with the men who once were his very best friends when they were children together.

One he hasn't seen in about five years, the other in over fifteen.

Too long. Way too long.

There is benefit in maintaining these relationships. In making the effort to see each other. Social networking sites have made the initial re-connection easier, but nothing can replace actual human contact. Nothing is as good as a hug from an old friend, as catching their eye when you remember a story from way back when, laughing at the crazy things you used to do.

We need contact. Real contact.

I need to make sure that another 15 years don't pass before he can hug his friend again.

And I need to find some of mine and hug them too.

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