Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm currently using my husband's laptop computer, and I have to tell you how nice it is.

They say size doesn't matter. They are wrong. I can tell you that it very much matters.

I'm not used to big and fancy. My normal computer is a teeny little thing, the keyboard sized for teeny little fingers. I have a net book.

It makes me feel like a giant. Except I am not even close. My hands are too small to properly play Guitar Hero. Giant, I am not.

When I first got the net book, it took some getting used to. I kept accidentally hitting three keys instead of the one I was aiming for. The space bar is so small that I kept hitting the wrong keys. The keyboard isn't laid out like a traditional one, it's more compact and some of the keys are in the wrong place.

The screen on it is so small that I can never really see my blog. I mean, I can see some of it, but it only shows me the middle section of the top of the page. I have to scroll up and down, side to side to see it all in pieces. I can shrink the screen down for full view, but then the text is so small I can't read anything.

I do have a full size desktop computer, but it hasn't even been turned on in a few months. I use the net book because it is portable and light, I can take it anywhere with me and write no matter what the kids are doing.

It works. I don't love it, but it works.

Someday I hope to get a real laptop....I look at them in the store. They wink at me in the aisles all seductively. They whisper you want me. Someday.

For now, though, I am spoiled. Borrowing this spectacular piece of technology. Stretching my hands out to their full size, even having to reach a little to hit some of the keys. I can see the entire page on the screen, not having to scroll up and down repeatedly to try and imagine what it would all look like if it was properly together.

I'd better not get used to this.

I could.

Bigger is better.

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