Monday, August 16, 2010


I will be home soon. And waiting for me will be something, someone, who most assuredly looks different than when I left.

My dog. Maddie, the beagle.

I have two dogs, but only one of them will seem different. That, I can guarantee. Jake will be the same. He always is.

She'll be laying on her bed in the garage and she'll see the garage door open and she'll know immediately that it means we are home. She'll be excited, but that isn't enough anymore for her to just jump up and come running. Then she will put every single ounce of the energy she has left into wagging her tail. Eventually, she'll make it to a standing position. It won't be easy, and it won't be fun, but she will do it.

She's an old dog and she's a fat dog. And she's going to be a whole lot rounder when we get back.

She has a problem with impulse control generally, always has. She can't stop herself from doing a lot of things. She howls. She is wholly incapable of walking on a leash because she is so scent driven. She rolls in the piles other dogs leave at the park. (This has got to be her grossest uncontrollable compulsion) If there is food around, she's going to eat it. And she just can't stop.

She is the dog that never outgrew the puppy phase of eating and eating and eating. I swear she would eat until she popped if she could. There is just no internal sensor that tells her to stop.

Jake, a much bigger dog, is not an eater. He is the dog who would love to have his bowl out all day, full to the brim with food. He'd snack a bit here and there. He doesn't like to eat. He's never had that oh my god, I have to eat it all right now before someone else does sense of urgency. He doesn't eat much when we are home, and he eats even less when we are gone.

More for Maddie. She loves her some leftovers.

Last time we were gone, it took almost four months for her to loose that weight. Wonder how long it will take this time? Sigh.

Soon we'll be home. Soon after that, she'll be up waddling towards us, tail wagging. Happy to see us, but knowing that the buffet is now closed and her vacation eating is over.

Her diet begins tomorrow.

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