Sunday, August 22, 2010


I decided something today. As I was beginning the long and arduous process of changing over the wardrobes of the kids, I decided.

I'm ready for Fall.

I want to wear sweaters and boots.

I want to drag out the boxes of long sleeved shirts and jeans from the basement.

I want crisp breezes instead of hot, hot, hot.

I want to make casseroles and soup.

I want to bake.

I want my house to smell like nutmeg and cider.

I want to make hot cocoa when the kids come home from school.

I want to turn my clocks back.

I want to take walks along the river.

I want to drive down streets covered with gold and red, swirling as the cars pass.

I want to finally take those pictures of the kids I always mean to take when the leaves turn.

I want to buy candy for Halloween twice, since it always disappears the first time around.

I want to watch my children as they await the first snowflakes of the year.

I want to cut sandwiches in the shape of a pumpkin.

I want to go on leaf hunts.

Summer didn't so much happen in my life this year, and I'm ready for it to just be done. It's okay. There's always next year.

Come on Fall.

I'm ready.

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