Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We are home. And we managed, like always, to cut it so close to the edge of possibility that I'm now sitting here shaking my head.

Asking myself why I always do this.

I gave myself one day.

I mean, I know why. It's not that I'm lacking in a reason. My reason is a good and valid one, wanting to spend as much time as humanly possible back home. But then I get back here and inevitably have something I need to do almost immediately since I waited to leave until I absolutely had to.

The kids start school tomorrow. 3 of them. Aidan will be in 4th, Ashley in 2nd and my little Ally is starting Kindergarten. As if the last few days haven't been filled with enough emotion.

And yes, Gretchen, I did make it to the freeway. ;) xoxo

I'm exhausted and tired and drained, emotionally, mentally and physically. But I don't have time for any of that right now. I've got three kids starting school in the morning, a mountain of laundry calling my name, and an empty refrigerator.

Clearly, I don't have time to be writing today. Promise I will come up with something far more entertaining for tomorrow.

Love to you all.

Most of all, love to the tooth fairy.

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