Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I live with a guy.

He's one of the good ones, I know.

He's tall and handsome and kind (most of the time, except for when I ask him to move furniture and stuff....then he either pretends he can't hear me or whines incessantly the entire time, says things like I told you so when something doesn't fit). I should mention I am a serial redecorationist.

Yes, that is a word. I just invented it.

He's got a goofy laugh, a super sarcastic sense of humor which he has already so clearly passed down to at least one of the kids, and can cook the best homemade pancakes you've ever had.

He coaches and leads the kids in their activities. He taught Aidan how to keep a scorecard in baseball, took Ally to her first car race. He takes Ashley to dances, even wears a tux and everything.

He's taught the kids how to ride bikes without training wheels and how to use a cardboard box to slide down the stairs. He's the fun parent, hands down. I don't even try to compete with that.

Though this is a new house (well, by now, it is new-ish...five years old), and we haven't had to do much to it, he's done almost everything. Tiled the floor in the dining room, put up chair rails, installed all the ceiling fans. That kind of stuff. Working on this house is nothing compared to working on our last house. Gutting kitchens, framing walls, laying flooring, plumbing bathrooms. He's handy.

He isn't without flaws though, this man of mine. The one that comes to mind right now is one that tends to bug me. When I want him to do something, when I need him to do something, and he just doesn't. Because he has something else more compelling to do, like drink beer across the street with the neighbor. Which is totally fine, don't get me wrong. But this thing I want him to do would literally take him like 2 minutes.

I need him to do it because I won't. There aren't many things I won't do, but this is one of them. I need him to cut a piece of wood for me. One piece. I could learn to use the saw, this is true. I could cut the wood myself. But I don't want to disrupt the balance of power in the house. You know, the one that dictates all power tools must be operated by men only. That one.

I've asked him for three days straight now. Still no cut. I am making a growth chart, but first I need the wood cut.

I guess I'll ask nicer this time. Maybe bribe him with some homemade cookies or something. Oh wait, I tried that already.

I hate asking him to do stuff over and over. I don't like the sound of my voice repeating itself, and I imagine he doesn't either. I don't want to be a nag.

Honey, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, after you get home from work but before you go stand in the driveway with the neighbors, can you please cut the wood? (Insert batting eyelashes here).

Love you.


  1. You know, I can operate power tools, and I kinda like it :-) If he won't, I am so there!

  2. I have to do everything myself. I don't do professional work such as gutting and creating bathrooms LOL but pretty much everything else. I got that from my dad I guess, and I also have always had to because mom is...not handy.
    I get your point more though. If I was married, a.k.a. partnership, I would sit him down and explain how sad and frustrated I feel. Maybe ask if he knows of anyone that could cut the piece of wood. LOL that will push his wooden button :D
    YOU are a rock. A PILLAR. Take your friend's offer!! If that doesn't remind him how ridiculous it is to ignore this request, suggest AJ do it.


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