Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's late. It's always late in my world it seems.

The only time I ever really have to myself are the hours between bedtime for the kids and about 2am.

I just keep telling myself AJ will sleep through the night someday. Like, before he goes to college at least. Right?

It's okay with me though. I'm a night owl anyway. Always have been.

I can think a complete thought without running interference between the girls. I can type a sentence without wrangling AJ as he climbs up the pantry shelves. I can finish a post without answering questions from the boy of random why do male mammals have nipples?

Ponder that one, will ya?

Night time is my time. I get a lot more done then.

I'll sleep when they are older.

Maybe. I'm not delusional...I know worrying about dating and driving and peer pressure and all that is coming.

For tonight though, no deep thoughts. No marathon posts about things that get me all fired up. I'm tired.

Goodnight moon. Meet you around on the other side. I'll be up then too.

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