Sunday, August 22, 2010


Though I can explain how it all works in a scientific sense, genetics still fascinates me. I find strange things so terribly interesting sometimes.

I see in my children pieces of others.

Sometimes they can go from looking exactly like one person to someone else in the blink of an eye.

To some people, my girls could be twins. To me, they look nothing alike.

My boys hover on opposite ends of the growth charts, yet are somehow related.

I love that though neither of the girls look much like their Daddy, when they smile their eyes almost completely disappear just like his do.

I laugh when I mistakenly call Aidan the wrong name just because he is so much like my brother sometimes.

As Aidan and Ashley have gotten older, the blue in their eyes has gone from solid to having hazel in the center, just like mine.

I wonder who else in the family must have the freckles that have started popping up on Ashley's little nose.

We pass so many things to our children, the most obvious of which is what they look like. And mine look very much like they belong to my family.

Or Tom's family. Just depends on the day. ;)

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