Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's August, and you know what that means.

August brings school. Not just school for little kids, but school for the biggest of them all. College.

And that, my friends, brings college football.

I love me some football.

Go SC. Fight On!

My Trojans had a hard year. Don't get me wrong, I make no excuses for the things they have done. For the rules that have been broken. For the things that need to be addressed.

What I do struggle with is the fact that all the kids there to play ball now weren't involved in any of the wrongdoing. The old coach is gone. The players are gone. Even the athletic director is gone. I get that the institution needs to be punished, but I feel for these kids.

I know that partially, the punishments were as severe as they were to make an example out of the program. To serve as a warning to others. Just makes it a little more unfair in my eyes to the players there now.

And really, Reggie Bush was then, and is now, one hell of a football player. I have a hard time seeing how having the place where his parents live paid for made him a better player. And how that made the team better. Doesn't seem like a logical connection in my eyes.

It didn't make him faster. It didn't help him hold on to the ball. It didn't make him more able to avoid defenders. It didn't teach him to jump and roll over tacklers. And it sure didn't invent the Bush push.

The NCAA wants to go on pretending that college athletics aren't driven by money. Fine. They want to make an example of USC. Fine. I just wish they could explain the whole Bush debacle to me in a way that had anything at all to do with having an unfair advantage on a football field.

We'll have a tough go of it this year. That's for sure.

But we'll fight back. We'll be great again.

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