Sunday, July 4, 2010


Believe it or not, my husband is actually postponing his explosions until tomorrow. Tonight we are going to a BBQ and to watch the city's show. It took a lot for him to postpone his annual tradition. He loves to blow stuff up. Seriously, loves it.

It was actually one of the things on his list of reasons to move to Colorado.

I'm not quite sure how fireworks came to be associated with the 4th of July, but it seems the two go together like peas and carrots now. Really flaming hot peas and carrots. According to wikipedia (which I sometimes doubt), they had fireworks at the first Independence Day back in 1777. I guess the men of our great nation have always partnered celebrations with blowing stuff up.

I'm a bit partial to the holiday myself. Up until they banned fireworks in California, my Dad liked to blow stuff up too. Then we would have BBQs and make the trek to the football field at the school. We'd sit and watch the same exact show year after year and it never got old. Same dancers, same music, even the same skydivers. There was the one year a skydiver landed in the crowd. That was different, I suppose.

We'd spend hours standing in line just so we could sit out there roasting in the sun to get the best view of the fireworks. Which, by the way, also was the same show year after year. So much so that the recording got a bit harder to understand each year.

Tom and I met just a few weeks before July back in high school, and I can say with a fair degree of certainty that I fell in love with him on the field that night.

When we lived in San Diego, before we had little people, we did some cool stuff on the 4th. My personal favorite was the year we took a dinner cruise and watched the fireworks from the water. After Aidan came along, we would take him down the embarcadero and watch the fireworks in the harbor. There were about four or five shows, all synchronized to music. It was pretty awesome. Man, I miss San Diego.

The year we moved here, five years ago this week, there was no 4th of July. We had other things to do. That first year after we moved, we were actually back in California for the 4th. And we went to dinner with my family, then we all sat on the top of the hill together and watched the same show we always had. My kids (some of them anyway), saw the show I grew up with. And I cried tears of happiness that night.

Since we've been in Colorado, Tom has gone out to buy something to light on fire every year. Whether we watched a professional show or not, whether we were home or with family or friends, it makes no difference to him. He just wants to blow stuff up.

I swear it must be a guy thing. I just don't care.

His brother, TJ, is a firefighter. And this happens to be his very most favorite holiday. Not because he is getting paid overtime to work today, though I am sure that has something to do with it. He loves it because it's his job to collect illegal fireworks. And all that illegal stuff has to be destroyed by responsible members of the fire department. You get where I am going with this, right?

Even the men trained to put out fires....they still like to light em.

Happy 4th of July. Stay safe. And keep all of your fingers.

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  1. Ahh that explains why when I was little the firetruck came down our street and confiscated those fireworks...and then every year we watched the same show you did....and we would camp out to be first in line to get the best seat on the field....memories...wonder what we will make for the kids. Mine are not quite old enough to take to a show....but Charlotte was so scared last night she was shaking....


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