Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm a strange person. I know that. It's nothing new.

I've been told many times by many different people.

I was reminded of my weirdness yesterday. For whatever reason, Aidan was asking me random questions. Wait, who am I kidding, really? He asks me random questions all the time.

Anyway, he was asking me questions about eels. He knows how I feel about eels.

They are pretty much the grossest, most disgusting, ugliest and scariest animals in the world. At least to me, they are.

Normal things don't freak me out. I'm not afraid of much. And I'm not afraid of the things most people are afraid of. Spiders, sharks, bats, snakes...none of them scare me. Back when I was in junior high, I was a curator for the school's science museum. I held snakes every day. Played with tarantulas. Mixed up nasty smelling food for the iguanas. Taught kids about sharks.

As much as snakes don't scare me, put a perfectly harmless snake in water and you've upped the fright quotient dramatically. I don't know what it is, and I don't know why there is such a difference. But water snakes? Seriously, why do there need to be water snakes?

And don't even get me started on eels.

At Sea World, right next to the touch and feel ray tank, are the eel caverns. Everyone knows that they make my skin crawl. And everyone always wants to go look at them.

They are down there, waiting for me with their mottled orange skin. Staring at me with their yellow beady eyes. Wanting to attack me with their sharp little jagged teeth. Evil little creatures they are.

Even behind the glass, they freak me out.

I know it's not a legitimate fear I have. I mean, really, how likely is it that I will ever encounter an eel in the real world? I live in the middle of the country. Not likely at all. The ocean isn't anywhere around here. The only ones here are in big aquariums. But still.

It's not like they prey on humans or anything. We are way bigger than they are. I'm pretty sure the only eels that have ever done serious damage to people are the electric eels. And they are even more rare than eels in general. But still.

It doesn't matter though, they are out there, those eels. And they scare me, even though not much else does.

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  1. My best friend's Dad had eels. They are horrible creatures. He would get great joy in watching us freak out when he fed them. Yes, they are snakes with teeth. I think they are pretty much the freakiest creepiest, nastiest animal on earth. I'm right there with ya.


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