Friday, June 18, 2010


This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. And it is sure to be an emotional one as well.

I figure that I'd better write about this now before I get so caught up in thinking about other things. I get distracted easily.

Our anniversary is this weekend, among all the other things happening. Twelve years.

We got married young. Really young. Like, so young that I don't think I'd ever want my kids to get married at that age, young. We were only 21. Right out of college. And so sure.

Turns out that we weren't just crazy in love, in a hurry and jumping in to something we weren't ready for. Turns out that we'd need each other in ways we could have never imagined. Turns out we were ready to handle what life threw at us. Turns out that maintaining a long distance relationship all through college wasn't even close to the hardest thing we'd have to face. And it turns out that we have been able to weather some storms.

Our relationship has changed as we have changed. It's grown as we have grown. And it's matured as we have.

The songs that define our relationship have changed as well.

When we first started dating, our song was one of infatuation. Obsession. Total preoccupation. You know, new love stuff. "I'd Die Without You" by P.M. Dawn.

In college, the song that resonated the most for us was "When You're Gone", by The Cranberries. 121 miles between us for four years, not that I counted or anything.

The song we danced to when we got married was "Still in Love", by New Edition. A song about a couple who had been through trials and made it through, stronger than ever.

And now, this song seems to speak to my soul all those years later. About how even though we are grown and have been together for a long time and have little people who depend on us and have settled into life....maybe just maybe, someday we could still do amazing things.

Like teach the kids to fly.

Here is where we are now. And where I hope we can be, together, in the future.

"You & Me", Dave Matthews Band

I love you Tom. Happy Anniversary.

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