Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm about to let you all peek into my marriage for just a bit.

Don't worry, it's nothing you have to read without the kids in the room or anything nearly that exciting. I have way too many family members that read this for stories like that!

I spent all day in the bathroom. Not like you think though. We are remodeling it, and the tile is done and grouted now. But that's about where my husband stops. He isn't a detail guy. Just as a general rule.

Maybe that's why public accounting is so appealing to him. He audits financial statements, and part of auditing is making sure that their money is where they say it is, went where they said it went. And along with that comes the concept of materiality. Essentially, he is only concerned about items about his predetermined dollar amount cutoff. Little deviations from the expected he ignores. He's worried about the big stuff. It is the thousand dollar mystery transactions he cares about, not the $4.27 ones. Not so much about the details.

It works for him.

His avoidance of detail also gets him out of a lot of work around the house. He does the big stuff. The heavy lifting. The flooring. The baseboards. The tile. I do just about all the rest of the projects. All the little stuff that comes afterwards to make it pretty.

I fill the holes, patch the walls. I touch up the paint, caulk the gaps. Do all the clean up.

I don't know if he's bad at it on purpose. Could be. What's the term for that, again? Learned helplessness. I don't think it's that though. He's tried to do all the detail work before. He has. And between you and me, it's just better that he doesn't try anymore.

There is a reason I do all the painting. A reason why he isn't allowed to touch the caulk gun. It's easier for me to just do it than come behind him and fix what he messes up.

We have our roles when it comes to home improvement. We are both well aware of them, and have long ago made our peace with it all.

It's good that we complement each other this way. We'd never get anything done if neither of us was willing to do the big stuff. And we'd never finish anything is neither of us was willing to do the little stuff.

Besides...I like to paint. I really like to paint.

And it just seems wrong for a man to play with the caulk. ;)

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