Monday, June 28, 2010


Let me tell you a little story about the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world.

There is this time of the day that I look forward to all summer. It's not the time when the dishes are clean and put away and the counters are all wiped down. Though I love that time. Which is good, since it happens a few times a day.

It's not when we sit around the table and talk and eat dinner and laugh at AJ being way too civilized for his age. Insists on using forks and napkins, that boy. I do love that time too.

It's not when we hang out in the backyard and the kids all play nicely together and the mosquitoes stay far away, though that time is lovely.

It's not when my babies are all fresh and clean and right out of the bathtub. Even though that is pretty much my favorite smell in the universe.

It's not when I'm sitting with my little girl at the table helping her master letter sounds and perfect writing the alphabet. Or when my oldest takes a victory lap around the table after getting a math problem right (we're working on memorizing his times tables right now). Or watching as my big girl writes a whole entire page about something then reads it back to me. I love all those things too.

It's not the time at the park or the pool, hanging out with friends, though that time is nice.

It's this thing we do almost every afternoon. After we eat our lunch and we have quiet time and everyone spends a while in their rooms, it happens. Just about every day.

They come back downstairs, they wake up from their naps, they peek around corners, they ask if quiet time is over yet. Rested and rubbing their eyes. And they want to snuggle. They want me to read them stories. They want to sit on my lap.


And it's pretty awesome.

I love summer.

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