Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sometimes we all just need a break. From life. From responsibilities. From worry and obligation. From rushing and running. From it all. And sometimes that break is forced upon us.

We need to be stopped in our tracks. We need to take heed and put aside whatever doesn't matter. We need to protect what is the most important and sometimes we need real, tangible reasons to do that. And those reasons come often here this time of year. Storms.

There aren't many times that I get a break. Hardly ever it seems. For even when I am not needing to do anything else, my mind is going a million miles a minute. Even my dreams are often interrupted, invaded. There isn't much peace in my world right now. There is always something. And the somethings seem to be piled upon one another so high that I can't see over the heap anymore. I can't see past the storm.

Sometimes though, we need to feel small and insignificant. We need to be humbled. We need to be reminded that though our worries seem great and our troubles many, there are larger powers in this world. Bigger forces at work. Things we have no control over at all, and are at the mercy of. Things we can't avoid or ignore or outrun. Things we can try to hide from, though we know our efforts mean little.

Mother Nature has a way of providing perspective. She did so today, as she often does here. In the midst of everything else I was doing and planning and thinking and worrying, she came. She roared in, interrupting. She scared my children, forced them to cling to me tight. She made me forget the rest of everything, if only for a moment. She told me that none of that mattered right now.

I was to hug my babies and watch the sky. I was to be still and listen.

The sky darkened. The rain came and washed everything clean. The thunder roared from the skies above, bounced off the mountains and came back again. As quickly as it came it was gone.

For me, this storm arrived.

I needed it to. Because the sky is never as blue as it is behind a storm. The grass never smells as good as it does in the minutes once the rain ends. The birds chirp louder. Only after the storm can we know we have made it through. No matter how big that storm is, no matter how scary it is, no matter if you swear you can't see past it, it does not go on forever. Eventually, it ends.

I will weather my storms. I will do it because I know that someday a brilliant blue sky will greet me on the other side.

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