Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A few months back we were watching some awards show, either the AMA's or the Grammy's. Tom has a habit of finding something else to do while those shows are on. Even though he is a huge music lover, he doesn't love all types of music. Some of it he can't stand to listen to at all. Some of it he pretends to hate, but I call him on it. Big fat liar.

Like Kanye. He hates Kanye as a general proposition. He hates the way he acts. The attitude. The preachy nature of his being. But he loves Kanye. He loves Kanye for the same reason that Kanye loves Kanye. He is freaking awesome. He is as good as he thinks he is. Really. And that bugs Tom. He hates that he loves Kanye. It's okay though, I'm sure Kanye doesn't mind. Part of his deal is that he wants some people not to like him. Besides, it's not like middle aged white guys are Kanye's target audience anyway.

It's not just Kanye though. He isn't much a fan of country. He doesn't like metal and he doesn't like gospel. He doesn't like the old bands that stick around too long and seem to perform every year. With each passing performance, you can understand fewer and fewer of their lyrics, they move a little slower, shake it a little less. There really should be an age limit on leather pants, don't you think?

He doesn't watch the shows. But he usually is cooperative and leaves the room so I can enjoy them. When whichever of the shows that comes to mind now was on, I called him into the room. There was something he'd want to see. Green Day. His all time favorite band. Well, them and Foo Fighters and U2 (but only the non-weird stuff).

Anyway, Green Day was performing. Figured he'd want to watch. He saw them at Lollapalooza in college. Back when they were still pretty new. He wore his Lollapalooza shirt to work on a Saturday this tax season only to have a conversation with one of his employees about it. About how long ago that was. About how this employee was only in elementary school back then. About how old we were. You mean that was 16 years ago? Nah, really? We can't be that old.

Suddenly Billy Joe looked a little too old to still be rocking that punk haircut. Behind the band at some point midway through the performance came a group of people. Back up singers. Green Day didn't have back up singers. After the set was over, an explanation came. The back up singers weren't back up singers, but the lead performers in a new musical based on the music of Green Day.

Back the bus up. Green Day has a musical??? What is the world coming to? I couldn't help but laugh as my dear husband quickly realized that we were that old. That Green Day was that old. It's hard to be edgy when you're pushing 40. I made a comment about how funny it was that this particular band, which always supported standing up to the establishment now inspired a musical. Ha!

My husband, bless his heart, he tried to come to Billy Joe's defense. To protect the reputation of the band he so loved. He wanted to make it better, make it not seem so bad. But, I kid you not, these are the words that came out of his mouth:

It's not so bad, right? I mean ABBA had a musical, right?

That's when I really lost it. The giggles I had been working to suppress came screaming out. I'm sure that the Green Day of 16 years ago would never have imagined that one day they would inspire a musical. They would have laughed at the thought, I'm sure. The only thing in the world that would have been more offensive to Green Day 16 years ago than the fact that they inspired a musical was the fact that my husband, one of their biggest fans, compared them to ABBA.

We really are that old.

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