Monday, May 17, 2010


Life is but a series of moments made into memories, held together by all the inconsequential things that happen in between.

There's my deep thought of the day.

I didn't get anything written last night. My husband protested. And I obliged. He wasn't interested in taking his typical evening nap in his recliner while I pecked away at the keys. No, he said. Not tonight.

You see, he'd been to the liquor store. And he had already dragged out the fire pit. He had a plan. Get the little people to bed, first. Then spend three uninterrupted hours with his wife.

We talked for the first time in a really long time about things. There are a lot of things to talk about these days, but it's almost as if there isn't enough time in the day for us to ever talk about them. Most of them are the things you don't really want to talk about anyway. There is always too much else to do. Places to go, games to watch, parties to plan. Stuff. We get so caught up in everything else that half the time when the kids get to bed, we shut down.

He naps. I write.

But not last night. He had a plan.

And we had a moment. A long one. And we both realized again that even though here isn't where we ever planned to be, and the things that happen around us and to us aren't always in our control, we are united. We have to be right now. The road we've already traveled has been a bumpy one. There have been turnoffs in that road we didn't anticipate. Roadblocks. Detours. Rest stops. There are more waiting, for sure. Some we can see coming up ahead in the distance, but some I know will be there without any warning at all. Some will come from out of nowhere and sideswipe us when we least expect it.

As long as we're in the same car going down that road, we'll be okay though. We have to be. We've got too many passengers along for the ride.

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