Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It was windy yesterday. Insanely windy. Like, hold on to small children tight windy. I don't like the wind. Never have. Then, I'd have a hard time imagining anyone that does. A nice gentle breeze, maybe. Wind, no. Unless there is something really wrong with them.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I grew up in a tremendously windy place. Mom and Dad's house is right below a canyon in Southern California, and whenever the Santa Anas kick up, it's awful. Growing up, there were several months of the year that I never bothered doing anything with my hair. There really was no point. My eyes would itch, I would cough and sneeze. It was terrible. I hated the wind.

When I moved to San Diego, it was nice. Occasionally we would get the wind there, but it was nothing like home. Sure, we had a few windstorms worth mentioning, the worst of which knocked a huge branch off the tree in our backyard. We were damn lucky that it didn't hit the house or the fence. But it wasn't all the time. There wasn't a wind season.

When we moved to Colorado, I knew that it would be windy. Well, windier than it was in San Diego anyhow. I used to make fun of that area for having such dull and predictable weather. Every day, 70s and partly cloudy. It got old, don't get me wrong. The monotony. The lack of any discernible seasons. But man, do I miss it now. There is a reason people pay a lot of good money to live there. Seriously.

And here we are. It's not windy for full seasons like it was back home. But we get a lot more wind than we ever did in San Diego. The wind here is different though. It is almost always generated by one of two things. Either it is ahead of a frontal boundary for a storm, or it is part of a thunderstorm. There isn't much else that causes wind around here.

You would think that living coastal, I would have had a lot of experience with frontal boundaries. Logic would dictate that storms coming in from the ocean would hit hard. Nope. At least not usually. They were never as in your face there as they are here. Here, mostly because of the mountains, when a storm comes through, it comes roaring in with a vengeance. And before the storm, comes the wind.

We were introduced to the wind one morning. We had taken the kids to breakfast, beautiful sunny weather. On the way home, we were nearly blown off the road by wind. Welcome to Colorado.

Yesterday was one of those before the storm kind of windy days. It just so happened to hit on a high pollen day in the worst allergy season on record. I was outside probably less than 3 minutes the entire day, if you added it all up. I couldn't breathe. I am wheezing. And I don't have the kind of asthma that involves wheezing.

The kids wanted to go out and play, and we couldn't. It stinks, but they will live. Sorry, mom has to breathe.

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