Friday, April 16, 2010


Another year down. Another season done. Another hangover. Not mine, but his.

When he starts to wonder why he keeps doing this, and I can't help but agree.

You'd think that by now he'd be old enough to have outgrown the need to drink in excess to celebrate the end of tax season. But no.

I learned a very long time ago not to let him get away with it though. He's got stuff to do today. Hang over or not, there is a play area that has his name all over it. I cleared all the existing mulch out of it yesterday, with the help of some little people. One of which who fell asleep, literally at the dinner table working on his homework, just after getting out of the shower. A little manual labor is good for them, right?

We worked pretty hard to get it ready for him. He has no excuse that the area isn't prepped. He won't be able to escape finishing it now as we very well can't leave it the way it currently is.

I'll have the coffee, the tylenol and a shovel waiting in the morning.

There's a honey-do list, and it starts April 16th.

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