Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've had to work a bit harder than normal to find things that bring me joy lately. Life has just been so chaotic and sad for a while, that I needed what I got last night more than I could have ever known.

I needed to put my flip flops on a little too early and chuckle at the people bundled up at the soccer games. Me and my toes are willing it to be warm.

I needed to get fired up at the injustices in the world and laugh at the irony of the fact that those who make the most ridiculous rules for the kids at school are usually childless.

I needed my husband home on a Saturday.

I needed to dust sand off the toes of my babies as they came in from the yard.

I needed a nice, gentle rainstorm.

I needed to sit and snuggle with a little boy, one who demanded my undivided attention. right. now.

I needed to stand out in my front yard and drink beer with the neighbors and watch all the kids playing in the warm afternoon sun.

I needed to bake something from scratch. More than one something.

I needed a good old fashioned grilled hamburger for dinner.

It's Spring. Long nights sitting in driveways, laughing with our friends, boys throwing footballs, bike baskets and streamers, watching little girls skip holding hands await me. There is a little boy eager to keep up with the big kids this year.

Can't wait to be out there.

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