Thursday, April 29, 2010


There is this thing called Murphy's Law. Essentially it boils down to this: whatever can go wrong, will. Sometimes I feel like my life is an experiment with this theory.

Take for instance, the day we got married. Lots of things went right that day, for sure. And most of the things that went wrong weren't noticed by anyone else. But a lot went wrong.

The florist made one too few bridesmaid's bouquets, so one of them had to carry the throw away bouquet. And of course, the last bridesmaid to arrive at the church, and by default the one obligated to carry the throw away - therefore essentially surrendering her flowers to be thrown in the air, was the bridesmaid I had several heated arguments with in the days leading up to the wedding.

As we lined up to walk down the aisle, Tom's brother, Tim, a groomsman, bent over to tie his shoes. And just like in all those cartoons, we heard an audible riiiiiiiiiiip noise as the seam in the back of his pants split wide open. With every step he took down the aisle, it ripped more.

My maid of honor tripped and fell on her way down the aisle, though she somehow managed to catch herself before she hit the ground and recovered nicely. If there is such a thing as gracefully falling, she mastered it.

During the ceremony, my bouquet fell apart. Once we got to the reception, the cake was atrocious. It looked absolutely nothing like it was supposed to, and the colors were insanely bright. The DJ did everything out of order. One of the bathrooms was destroyed by a guest. We are pretty sure which one...but he still won't admit it to this day.

Then there is the matter of the butterflies. I danced with my Dad to the song Butterfly Kisses, and he had apparently ordered tiny little butterflies for the guests to release during the dance. Except they all died the day before the wedding. It took years for my parents to tell me about that one. It was supposed to be a surprise.

We look back on the day and laugh now. But at the time it wasn't funny.

I'm sure that someday I will do the same about this week. Look back and laugh. Tell funny stories about bad timing and Murphy's Law. About how when our main floor bathroom was ripped to pieces the worst stomach virus in years worked it's way through the house. Sending people clenching and running and praying they'd make it up the stairs in time. Someday it will be funny. Someday.

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