Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today is one of those absolutely, indisputably, perfect Colorado days. The air is clear and crisp. It's just right. Not too hot, not too cold. Just the slightest hint of a breeze every now and again. One of the days when you can't help but be amazed just looking around. Like this is a postcard from somewhere beautiful, except I am lucky enough to live here.

The snow covered mountains frame the backdrop for every view. The puffy white clouds float effortlessly by. The new growth on plants reach for light, soaking up the rays. Hints of flowering bulbs emerging, the slightest pieces of color starting to show. Birds chirping.

The smell of a freshly cut lawn. Hoses and shovels and rakes. The noises of my children happily playing outside, free from heavy coats and boots. The clinking of the chain on the swing set. Sunflower seeds. Patio umbrellas.

Sandals and shorts and sunglasses. Cheeks rosy from the sun. Ponytails and baseball caps.

Spring. Isn't it magnificent?

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  1. Spring is like the earth opened up and took a great big huge breath and then let out a gigantic contented sigh. I missed it soooo much, but that is what winter is for, to appreciate the spring and renewal that it brings. My kids, too seem much more contented now that it has been beautiful. Park daily for us.


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