Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I could sit all day and watch Spring snow melting. It's just about almost as beautiful disappearing as it is when it is falling. With every melted drop of clear pure water, a little bit of new is revealed beneath. We have rain here this time of year, but every so often we get a good snow too. It's a far better way to water the lawn, I think.

This time of the year, it almost never sticks to the roads. The snow stays well behaved, neatly tucked onto the plants and rocks and grass. Leaves the streets and the sidewalks clear. Decorative snow is what I call it. It's pretty without interfering much with life.

Is this the last snow of the year? Maybe, maybe not. The year before last, we awoke to a dusting the week before the kids got out of school in May. Snow can stick around that long in these parts. And it will be back before we know it.

I don't mind though. I love the snow. Especially this kind.

I needed it today. I needed to wake up and pour a cup of coffee and sit and watch the flakes fall from the heavens above. I needed to see everything fresh and clean and still and quiet.

Life has a way of throwing some curve balls at you. I feel like I've been up to bat for a while now. But at least for a little while today, I could just stand at my window and take in the beauty of freshly fallen snow, the tiniest blades of new green grass poking up from underneath.

There is hope. There is new. If those tiny little pieces of grass can find a way to fight through inches of heavy wet snow, I can too.

Just to feel the sunlight.

It's amazing the perspective a little bit of frozen water can provide, isn't it?

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